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Painfully Slow Down Time

It’s been too long since I last posted. Not that it matters. Almost nobody is reading this anyway.

Sad thing is it’ll probably be a while till I walk/post again. Resolving some issues with my knee that I’ve had for years. Very slowly but surely they’ve been getting worse. Weak tendons are an issue bodywide including there. Apparently a number of years ago I somehow tore my muscle like right near there. An MRI showed a cyst there. Some sort of fluids/semisold crap. Who the hell knows what’s there but that’s causing pressure and pain. At least now I know the lump I thought I felt there wasn’t just my imagination. More work needs to be done for an accurate diagnosis. Then there’s the issue of treatment.

An ironic things is that when I walk it actually helps. Short term because according to my doctor contracting the muscles makes more room for the fluids and therefore causes less pressure. Long term because walking consistently strengthens the muscle taking the load off the tendon somewhat. It doesn’t completely help but it’s remarkably effective in terms of reducing the pain. All April I walked to class and/or back training for the Great Saunter. In May I did it. After that I stopped partly because I was studying for the final in my class. A week and a half later the pain started accumulating good and proper.

The other ironic thing is that while walking helps there’s a catch22. When my knee is sufficiently bad walking is rather painful/unpleasant so I can’t always just resume doing that as pain control.

Also it’s been slow for the about page. Not that it matters too much now only real audience of this blog currently are people I know. I’m having a writers block with it. I rarely get writers blocks. When I do it’s one of two kinds. Usually I have issues because I have nothing to say. This second kind is a rarer creature. Here I have a lot to say because I do this for many reasons and just getting them into an order that flows well on paper has turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Just don’t know how to let it all out. I’ll feel it when I have it though. It will probably be quite long when I’m done with it but then it may not be because I might cut a lot out. Dunno yet what’ll come out.

Things really have been quite sluggish lately.


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