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A Much Needed Update

It’s been a while.

Anyway first and foremost the site now has an about page. Sorta. It’s incomplete but still it’s fairly easy to see who I am and what I’m about. I usually follow the mentality of Gauss/Debian/etc not showing anything until it’s ready. However I feel that this blog needs some more content so thus I posted what I have so far.

As can be seen this was pretty much pushed out sentence by sentence and I’m not done yet. It’s just been ridiculously hard writing it because for me these walks are about everything and a half. Of the two writers blocks one can experience I am now pretty sure that the worse one is when you have too much to say. Letting it out in a controlled fashion is very similar to needing to take a dump but not being within range of a bathroom. To relieve pressure you wanna let out some gas but are afraid because there might be more than gas coming out.

In further news there will finally be another walk tomorrow. I start at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal at St. George. Then I’m gonna work my way down to the southern tip at Conference House Park. I might use Google Maps to give myself a set of instructions or may just freestyle it. I dunno. I’ll prolly have the instructions with me just in case.

After a long time without walking I’m quite pumped. Never really got to explore Staten Island yet so I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully gonna have some good stuff to show here. Pictures sadly won’t be among it. My camera broke a while ago and I’m debating whether to fix it which’ll be at least 140 or get a new one. I dunno yet. My old camera was a Canon Powershot S2IS given to me as a birthday present by my dad many years ago. The use I’d put it to wasn’t quite what he had in mind. It’d be a few years before I gained any real appreciation for it and now that it’s broken I miss it. It was a good one, semi-professional, and it showed too. Even though I just did mostly point and shoot it did wonders. Back when I was on facebook lots of people really liked my photos. Again thank the camera. It was great. The only things stopping me from instantly repairing it is that it was kind of heavy. You really feel it after a while. Also there might be substantially better ones which I can get for a decent price.

Anyway no photos will be taken tomorrow. Also now that we’re on the subject of photos does anyone know a good place to host photos that’s not facebook? If so comment. Facebook was great. Let you host as many photos as you want. 200 photos was the maximum per album but u could have as many albums as you want and splitting expedition photos appropriately really wasn’t that much of an issue. Also it shrunk them down appropriately to save bandwidth on all ends. I left facebook due to freedom of speech issues. Sadly I haven’t been able to find a good place to host my photos. Like Picasa has a 1 gig limit. I have like 2500 or so photos of my previous expeditions. Even if I shrink them still dunno if they’ll fit. Also I need a good photo shrinking program. Man talk about needing to learn to use Gimp. Anyway guys if you have any good suggestions for a hosting solution shoot them at me.

Also had a quite a scare regarding my knee. See the thing the doctor thought about the muscle tear seemed rather contradictory to me. Firstly because I don’t remember tearing my muscle there. We did think it might be one of those gradual tears that slowly develop from repeated overuse but that didn’t make much sense either since I felt a lot better when I was active. Needed to get a second MRI with intravenous contrast fluid to get accurate information. But until the results of that one came in it was quite a scare. The possibility that these walks could be damaging my muscle, that as a result I couldn’t do any real walking without destroying myself, and that the biggest dream I have right now being sunk was a lot to handle. The good news is that in the end it turned out to merely be a hemaangioma. I was likely born with it. It’s a basically a benevolent tumor. Many people have them in various places. You could easily have one too and live your whole life blissfully unaware. I may have it in other places as well. The annoying thing about this one tho is that it’s in a critical heavily used area right where the muscle and tendon is. With weak tendons and just a vulnerable skelatal-muscular system due to my height having it there pressing on various things is a pain in the ass. Part of the problem may also be that it takes blood in the area resulting in a shortage of blood in the muscle. Now I’m trying to establish how/if it can/should be removed. It’ll have to be done sometime so that I can function normally but it’s not urgent by any means as far as I know. Lived with it for years a few days here or there scarcely matter. Just a pain in the ass right now. And when I walk regularly the pain is much less though now we’re not quite sure why. But then when the muscle is contracted there’s more room for that thing and therefore less pressure/pain. So yeah that’s that. Walking time.

Finally I want to end this blog post with a shout out to Levi Meeuwenberg wishing him a Happy 25th Birthday. This guy is one of my heroes and has helped refine my thinking as can be clearly seen from the about page. He’s an inspiration to all fellow dropouts and the human race in general. Since he is semi-famous you may have heard of him. If you haven’t that’s your loss and this must be rectified. He’s probably most famous for his freerunning/parkour badassery and also for getting to stage 3 of Sasuke(an obstacle course so psychotically difficult it makes the Olympic Games look like make me a supermodel) on his first try at Sasuke 20 going further than any American competitor and becoming the last man standing. He even outdid Nagano himself. He did the second best job of any American at the time in Sasuke 23. This would stand until he was dethroned at Sasuke 26 by David Campbell and Brent Steffenson. He still holds multiple speed records nonetheless. Now that his wrist is better he’ll probably reassert his turf quickly. However I don’t respect him so much for his athleticism as his brains, freewheeling mentality, and philosophical depth. See there are other people as capable as him David Campbell, Travis Furlanic, Brian Orosco, etc. They’re all cool and I respect them a lot. However I respect Levi more because he really fights both the course and life in general with his brain. Again this guy is just insanely awesome. As I like to joke to a lot of my friends if it wasn’t for the fact that

  1. I’m straight.
  2. I don’t believe in marriage.
  3. He already has a girlfriend a very fine woman by the name of Brenda Baran.

I’d be proposing to him right about now. OK seriously though his badassery knows no bounds. The raw undiluted respect I have for the guy is just insane. Also the fact that this guy succeeded everywhere I failed helps further bolster that. When I drop out I wind up in the toilet. When he drops out he goes touring the country getting paid good money for parkour demonstrations, teaching classes, etc. He does what he loves for a living and that clearly shows. How many of us can say that? I first learned of him during one of the hardest most fucked up times in my life. That day I saw him on TV and learned a bit about his background he put up a demonstration of awesomeness that almost made me proud to be an American. He really inspired me and showed me what was possible. I looked up more about him and saw just how amazing he is. Without even knowing or caring who I am the mere echo of his deeds really influenced me. We are both travelers though his method is mostly by car. He’s done some pretty epic road trips. Me I’m still essentially in travelers’ kindergarten. Once in 9th grade me and this other kid accidentally collided during a game of punchball and I sprained my wrist. It was a while before I could get up. A few periods later I was crying a bit from the pain. Now him when he has an accident during the filming of Jump City he falls fucking 15-20 feet onto his hand breaks his wrist. But he gets up almost immediately and handles everything with hardcore manliness. Finally no university is complete without at least one hot teaching assistant. When I gather up the testosterone to somehow ask the lady on my end out for tea it turns out I’m late for the party. When he busts a move he succeeds. At least I think that’s how they met. This is actually the one thing that I’m not sure about. From what I’ve surmised I think it’s true but I may be very wrong. Anyway back to what I do know. Then they do the aforementioned road trips together having a completely awesome time doing things such as watching the sunset in Venice Beach. Even the names of both the aforementioned women rhyme and have the same number of syllables. Everywhere I fail he succeeds. Seriously at times I feel he’s some sort of of quantum illusion because he’s so awesome at times he seems unreal. In conclusion all I can say is that he lives for those of us that cannot and carries the dreams of millions on his shoulders.


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  1. societaldropout July 16, 2011 at 9:58 pm

    I site I use with unlimited photo uploads is Zooomr. I already have like 1500 photos, and I haven’t uploaded anything new in 8 months. You can use jUploadr to mass upload pictures also.
    Here’s my Zooomr photostream.

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