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End Of Week 1 Update

Week one hasn’t been too bad except for the downtime after my recent expedition.

Tomorrow starts week 2 meaning that by rule 1 I have until next Friday to do an expedition. For the sake of my sanity I cannot wait that long. Being trapped in this hellish limbo is absolutely horrible. The negativity and pressure of my environment is closing in and I must get out. Boredom is killing me. I can do this no more. My very soul screams for release.

Maybe I should tighten rule 1 to 5 day periods.

I will walk like never before.

The first of the remaining training expeditions will be done. This is the first multiday expedition. Tomorrow I walk to the SI Ferry. Take it to SI. Walk SI’s perimeter. Then go back the way I came. All with the cutting edge in camping technology. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the beach towel. All I can say is that I’m lucky it’s good weather tomorrow and Sunday.

All in all this expedition will be the most difficult one I’ve ever done. 2 years ago as the ideas for these arose I started looking who else did these. I stumbled across some article in the New York Times where two men walked SI’s perimeter. The route they took was 47 miles. One mile less than my Epic Saunter my current best. Walking to Manhattan for me is a little over 8 miles. The walk to the ferry from there may be half a mile. Thus all in all the total approximate distance will be 65 miles. Absolute monster walk.

This time around there will be pictures(now to find a good place to host them also must figure out camera issue on my end) as I will be joined by Paul. We will meet at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Manhattan. He joins me for day 1 and leaves me his camera for day 2 to be returned when next we meet. He won’t be there on day 2. I can’t blame him. Camping out is uncomfortable(at least I think never done it before). Camping out in NYC even if SI… Well maybe I’ve gone off the deep end. But you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you will only raise your insurance premium. I’ll just stop here cause if I start ranting thoughts on insurance…

Tomorrow night will be very interesting. Absolutely no clue what I’ma do.

A possibility and the one that I’m likely to go with is if I can just find a reasonably safe place just toughing it out. One 3*6 foot beach towel to lay on the other for cover and wrapping. Just need to find a good place. Not sure how that’ll go.

Another possibility is that I may pussy out. It’s very possible since I’m a total wimp. See from the ferry terminal I will go counterclockwise(this is in part due to the fact that it’s easier to get onto perimeter in that direction from the terminal). Will probably clear 2/3 of the perimeter. So as I’m pumping back up the east side the Staten Island Railway isn’t too far off and I can still go home.

Yet another possibility is that I can score myself some couchsurfing possibly but not necessarily by using the Matt Green technique. Dunno what’ll happen.

Also as far as couchsurfing is concerned I don’t want to do it on this expedition. On the coast to coast walk you will be between cities at times without gracious hosts nor hotels(even if unlike me you are rich). Thus being able to camp out for possibly prolonged periods of time is an absolute must. You wanna walk coast to coast that’s part of the deal.

A final possibility is I have a friend Anna on SI. She may help me if she’s around but again I need to be able to camp out and don’t want to rely on her. I would certainly like to meet her though and just to hang out. I haven’t seen her in person for almost 5 years now. Ah things were fun when she used to live in my building…

I have no clue what will happen tomorrow night. All I can say is that it’ll be an interesting night no matter what. Stay tuned folks.

Anyway before I end this post I want to make a few comments.

First and foremost the Matt Green technique is absolutely fucking brilliant. In addition to that exciting social skydiving feeling it’s also a much safer couch surfing technique. See say you meet someone who offers to put you up for the night. There are certainly many truly wonderful people in the world willing to help you. The only reason that I myself don’t become a host is that I live with my parents right now and they control the gates. Though I haven’t been to couchsufing.com in ages if you by some chance stumble across my profile that’s the only reason why I say I’m not available for hosting. Anyway getting back to point while there are many good people there are a few bad ones. No matter what you do couchsurf or not they’re there. All you can do is lower your odds of running into one.

See when someone offers to host you for the night there is a small chance that they’ve got nasty plans for you. With the Matt Green technique on the other hand you hold the element of surprise. This way they don’t scheme up on you. Also you have the luxury of a bit more choice and going with your guts. You have a choice whose door you knock on. While this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of running into a psycho it still lowers those odds dramatically.

With the technique worst case scenario you are rejected or invited into the last home you’ll ever enter. Moderate case scenario is you get to camp in their yard. Best case scenario you have an awesome night. The cool thing about the technique is that if you’re camping out in the middle of nowhere and are attacked no one aids you. In moderate and best case scenario of technique should that happen someone can come to your aid.

Now for my final point. Though I said I don’t want to couchsurf on this particular expedition do not take it to mean that I am against couchsurfing. In fact I am for it very much and look forward to doing it on larger expeditions further into the future. Couchsurfing is a truly wonderful exchange of culture, ideas, and genberousity; a truly great sparker of friendship.

Yes I understand it can feel rather controversial. You certainly are wary of strangers. You feel kind of like you’re freeloading off other peoples kindness. Sure you provide entertainment and stuff but still you can get that feeling of freeloading. Needless to say you should reciprocate the kindness of your host to whatever extent possible on the spot and/or host them when they’re in your hood.

Anyway what I’m driving at is if you want to walk coast to coast and explore the country/world couchsurfing is an necessary part of the equation much like being able to camp out. Hotels are kind of expensive and frankly are artificial/touristy(though they may be necessary at times). Couchsurfing lets you meet real people see into their world how they live. You can camp out for prolonged periods of time but not too prolonged. Eventually you’ll need a proper shelter. Again we’ve already discussed hotels vs couchsurfing. Now as for the final question of support van vs couchsurfing. In my opinion support vans are for rich losers. They are expensive, bulky, impractical, and limit your mobility. Also do you want to explore the country or the inside of your support van?

Anyway that’s it for tonight. Something exciting will happen. Stay tuned in folks.


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