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Middle Of Week 3(07/23/11-07/29/11) Update

Been a while since I posted.

After some good old DOMS I decided that first failed attempt at SI1 counted as my weekly expedition satisfying rule 1. I’d have probably done something more if it wasn’t for issues with my grandpa I had to help take care of. Another contributing factor was the really hot weather as well.

Not to say I’ve been slacking off. Been walking around the neighbourhood a total of like 6.something miles a day most of the past few days and it hopefully kept me in at least some kind of shape.

A further thing to note is that I’m actually glad I failed last time. See to help better prepare myself for the whole camping thing I’ve been sleeping hardcore. That is without AC, windows open, and on a beach towel on the floor with a folded picnic towel my pillow. All to simulate camping outside. The first night I couldn’t fall asleep lasted two hours. Eventually the hardness and being unable to fall asleep and the heat left me feeling queasy. Real unwell. Felt quite bad. Saw white fog. Was very weak, barely turned on the AC and got into bed. Even there I felt weak and unwell for quite a while. The second night I did that I lasted I think 4 hours but am unsure. Did a bit better. Might’ve even dosed off for a bit. Didn’t feel as drastically bad as last time but still reverted to my normal mode of sleep. Took a break from that the next day partly because I had an important thing the next day I had to be well rested for and partly because of tiredness. The next day however I made it through the night. Barely but I did. That would start a wave of 5 consecutive nights of sleeping hardcore all the way up to today. I’m really getting a lot more comfortable sleeping hardcore feeling normally rested upon awakening.

Just amazing how much you declimatize. Once like 3.5 years ago I was in Florida. There were 4 of us. Our hotel room only had 2 beds. I couldn’t sleep with my dad as he is a fairly large individual and didn’t want to get crushed. Also I move around a lot in sleep. After one unrestful night I ultimately opted to sleep on the floor. One of the most rejuvenating nights of my life. It was seriously incredible. This time around I wasn’t ready though on my first time. Really handled it badly. I dread to think what would have happened had I tried camping out on SI. At the time of the Florida incident I slept on a very hard mattress a few months later switched to a softer one we had lying around from my old bed taking up space in my room. Amazing how I’ve weakened over the years.

All in all this should really help a lot tomorrow for then I attempt SI1 once more. Gonna treat myself to a night of sleep in a real bed. Will feel good. Need all my energy for tomorrow and Wednesday. All in all quite pumped. Got a real confidence boost from sleeping hardcore. Still really scared though partly due to the concerns mentioned here. Also even if there is a relatively safe place to camp on SI there are still nontrivial theoretical questions bothering me. See what the bards edit out of the epics they sing on the badass walkers is what the hell they did at night when they had to go. I’ve long pondered this one. Still don’t have a satisfactory answer. I have various crackpot ideas for solutions. Haven’t implemented any of them unfortunately. For tomorrow I’ll take toilet paper and pray for a miracle. I’ll certainly need one considering I’ll be camping out on a friggin beach towel.

That’s budget travel for you. See partly due to discrimination against dropouts money doesn’t come easily and I’m far from pleased to part with it. One of the main reasons I didn’t get a sleeping bag was that they’re expensive. The other part of the problem with sleeping bags is that almost exclusively they’re mummy shaped. Again I move around a lot. I wasn’t willing to pay 200-400 for a mummy bag I can’t even sleep in properly or get out of quickly should I need to. Now yes I realize the mummy bag has the main principle of keeping you in a nice bundle and preserving heat. However on cold nights can’t you just wrap the thing around you after curling up and keep the heat in. Come on money I don’t quite have for something that doesn’t quite function as I need it to. You see the frustrating thing there. So I’m going with what I have for now.

I realize this isn’t a scalable solution and will ultimately need to build or possibly buy something better. Right now I’m relying on the fact that SI1 is 2 days and on a lucky break in good weather. Obviously change is needed but I’ll do what I can for now. A thing to note is that in light of recent hardcore sleeping events my mentality regarding buying a sleeping bag has changed a small bit. See when sleeping hardcore even though I move around I tend to sleep on my back in a savasana(hope I remember the term right from 10th grade yoga) type pose. Not too far off from mummy pose. Perhaps the mummy pose will turn out to be the natural thing once I fully acclimatize. This may be a good reason for the mummy bag madness which I haven’t accounted for. In that case buying a bag may well be better than whatever custom solution I think of. Also in addition to a sleeping bag I need some external shelter also. Sadly rather undecisive about what though. Disorganization and indecisiveness are big enemies. They must be fought. I’m taking the first step by doing what I can with what little I’ve got but there’s still so much work to do.

Also I haven’t yet replaced my camera there will be no pictures on this one. As far as a site to host the photos I do have I’ll probably go with fotki. If you have last minute suggestions drop a comment otherwise that’s that and the photos will start coming online.

Also had two interestingly bizarre social skydiving type encounters these recent days. However right now I’m too tired and not quite in a comfortable mood to talk about them. If you want to know more leave me a comment and I may write about it if I feel like it.

Tomorrow will be badastic can’t wait.


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