Walker For All That's Positive

Passing gas. Kicking ass. Walking the roads less traveled. All for positive change.


SI1 didn’t happen. Threw up this morning. Not sure why. It may be from stress or from eating something that didn’t agree with me or both.

In spite of having slept in bed again and with an AC I got no sleep. I just didn’t feel well. At maybe 5 in the morning I went to the bathroom took a small dump and threw a bit up only a mouthful. Nothing else came. Thinking it was certainly stress Listerined went back to beed trying to get sleep. Was woken up by my alarm. Went to take my usual wakeup shower. Felt nauseus in it. Went back to the bathroom. Dumped a bit more. Threw up a reasonably decent bit. Took charcoal tablets. Felt better for a while. Still felt there was something there I needed to throw up. Drank liquids tried forcing it but couldn’t. After a while it got a decent bit better. This evening I felt up to it did a 6 mile walk. I may be in order for a 1 day expedition tomorrow because I still need to satisfy rule 1 before Friday is through.

I really can’t conclusively say at this point what it was. It may well be stress. The morning of my first failed attempt at SI1I felt nauseous but that went away fairly quickly. This time around I may arguably have been more worried because I’ve seen first hand the sheer magnitude of what I’m up against. I don’t know honestly whether I was better off knowing what I was up against or not? Perverse but true.

It may also be due to bad food. Dunno what I ate that did it. Honestly don’t. Thing is when I’m stressed my uh output is usually green also usually solid as opposed to the normal brown. That day it was liquid with a nasty dark orange hue. Definitely unusual for me.

All in all it bites. The weather was good today. Every damn time something or the other always seems to hold me back. Absolutely frustrating. Only reason I may be glad for not going is that there was a tiny bit of rain this evening. Nothing serious but possibly enough to make finding a good camping spot given my not so waterproof gear a pain in the ass. No matter this weekend I finish this. Till then…


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