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Passing gas. Kicking ass. Walking the roads less traveled. All for positive change.

End Of Week 3 Update

Sadly I failed rule 1 this week arguably rule 2 also.

The day after my last post I tried walking to Yonkers possibly with the goal of reaching the Yonkers Public Library. I failed. Part of the reason was blisters. What I find remarkable about this most recent pair of sneakers of mine is that my feet have blistered relatively little in them. That all changed however as that day I wore my new orthotics. They’re great. Feel stable like a tank in them. Only problem is they raised my heal a tiny bit causing it to scratch against something in the back of my sneaker and blister. Like 4.5 miles in when I was at Grand Army Plaza the blisters got to me. Switched to a pair of old inserts I used. Tightened my shoes as much as possible to minimize wiggle room. That helped substantially. The lowered heel was great but the surrounding area was still sore so even then it was too late. Made it to Central Park West and 72nd. Walked about a half marathon give or take a bit.

The blisters weren’t too bad but at that point my rationale was look I can possibly finish but who knows when I can next attempt SI1. Saturday and Sunday are good but after that… Need to stop the blisters before they start properly. Now it’s Friday and tomorrow I attempt SI1 for the second time. The other reason I quit were because I was feeling sluggish that day instead of light and explosive as I usually do. Probably wasn’t fully recovered at that point from whatever made me throw up. Finally since this was essentially a subset of the Albany expedition why sweat it too much?

Rule 2 I may or may not have failed at. Saw a few hot women but couldn’t get myself to say hi. Partly because I was going my way and they were going theirs. Partly fear. Managed a slight nod at few which is better than nothing but still no real meat in the interaction. Again you definitely don’t wanna push these things and take rules 1 and 2 too seriously. The connections if they form do so naturally. Still I intend to use rules 1 and 2 as a framework for keeping myself on track.

It’d also help a lot if the banner didn’t break off the second time. I design it to hold on more securely so that’s precisely why it lasted less distance…

Hopefully on Monday I’ll be able to have a blogpost that’s not lame like my last few and which again has a story to tell. Till then…


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