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End Of Week 5 Update(08/06/11-08/12/11) And Cross Bay Boulevard Is Awesome

Been a while since I posted. I wanna share but at the same time if this starts feeling like a chore this blog starts to deteriorate fast in terms of quality or stops existing altogether. I definitely don’t wanna force it too much.

Anyway after my first failed attempt at SI1 I wondered whether it counted to fulfil rule 1 for week 4. This time there were no ambiguities. On Thursday I walked to Breezy Point again. This time instead of crossing the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge I opted to take a longer arc along Cross Bay Boulevard crossing two bridges and one of the most amazing islands I’ve seen.

All in all it was rather uneventful. Guess that happens at times too. But since my last attempt at SI1 was insanely epic its pretty hard to get that kind of thrill and high from pushing the limits. This one was only powered by joy of exploration a powerful force but not the only one that counts. The absence of the other ones makes a noticeable difference.

Anyway the walk along Flatlands was rather uneventful except for an incident at 11:15 or so when I nearly got hit by a car. All’s well that ends well. A bit more uneventfulness followed. Spring Creek Park was really nice. So was the walkway along the Belt Parkway. A hop a skip and a jump later you’re on Cross Bay Boulevard where it gets really beautiful. Something about it is just wow. And then comes the Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge. Incredibly beautiful. In one direction there is a view of the airport and the bridge Taken by the A train. Just incredibly awesome. On the other you see Jamaica Bay and Brooklyn and the Rockaway Peninsula and the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge almost in the horizon. Really dawns on you how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go as you can’t see Breezy Point in the horizon. Also though you know you’re crossing a bay onto a peninsula the way it is you see land in every direction almost like you’re crossing one giant circular lake. Crazy beautiful on there. Again words can’t describe properly what I saw or a lot of the other stuff I experienced there. At times I really don’t know why I bother. This blog post feels more like a crude replay then real quality content. Just sorta trying to feel it out. Will switch things up. Dunno what this blog will become.

The only thing that put a damper on the experience was that closer to the end of the bridge there were a bunch of people fishing. As I said before I really don’t like fish and they scare the daylights out of me. Talked to this guy briefly. Don’t remember how the conversation started. It was awkward because the crab and the fish head especially in the tackle box scared the day lights out of me. Blocked the view with my hands. Further along I also saw a fish tail on the ground and a fish head skin that looked like a deflated balloon in a way absolutely disgusting nearly sent me into cardiac arrest.

The Broad Channel is pretty fucking awesome. First there’s this walkway where you can walk and just be. Then you get to the inhabited parts of the island where it gets really cool. Like some of the houses are literally on the water held up by wooden supports. Some have little docks for boats those little walkways you see at typical boating docks. Just wild. And from what little I could see of the view…

Saw this really impressive house and saw the guy that lived there coming in. Wanted to complement the guy on the house alas he was a bit far away. That could have been a great social skydiving opportunity. Not that that guarantees anything except a hey nice house thanks. But stillĀ  I had a good conversation starter and was genuinely amazed cause you don’t see houses like that every day. And when there’s genuine energy anything could have started a conversation. If there’s fuel there it goes on. These expeditions are about meeting people engaging any individual I find interesting for whatever reason and being able to engage a hot lady as well should I see one or need to.

Then I crossed the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge. Again the view is amazing of the Rockaway Peninsula and the bridge with the A train.

Then you get dropped onto the shore of the northern part of the peninsula. There’s a bit of a walkway that’s really nice. Then you take it along the main road for a bit til you hit Tribute Park. Incredibly beautiful place not to mention the ideal place to take a lunch break. Really wish I had a camera but sadly not.

As I was eating my food I saw this couple there taking photos. Really wanted a photo of the place. I was seriously considering asking them if they’d take a photo of me there and email it to me. Also good social skydiving practice. Sadly that didn’t happen and thus I may have failed to comply with rule 2.

After that I preceded along this walkway on the north side. Really nice view but really poor walkway. Thus I hit the streets of Belle Harbor for a bit. Then before the Marine Parkway Bridge there was a stretch that was quite barren and worse for the wear. Crossed it. Cleared the bridge. Cut through Jacob Riis Park to the south side where there was a really good stretch of beach. Pretty awesome.

Really nice stretch of beach. Eventually a detour is necessary as its locked off by a surf club. Right before that point I saw two men who were looking at a dead turtle. It was really sad and kind of freaky. It’s bean dead a while. No eyes in its skull. I think bugs were trying to fly in there as well. One of the guys used to be the coach of a sports team at Tech at some point back in the day. World is a small place.

I don’t know why but at that point I was starting to wear down so the final stretch was painful. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe I wasn’t in as good a shape as I thought. Maybe it was walking with my new inserts. Maybe it was blisters. Maybe it was walking on the sand so much. Kudos to my new shoes for not letting sand in like my old ones. They don’t breathe as well but apparently have a waterproof layer. Felt really tired and kind of nauseous too. My stomach felt like it was on lockdown. I could literally feel the liquids in my stomach and like they weren’t going through or draining properly.

The first time I successfully reached Breezy Point I took it along the beach on the north side all the way to the end. This time I kept going along the main road. Took it all the way to the end where there was another beach club. I thus took a path through Breezy Point Tip Park. That got me to a beach on the South side which ultimately led me to the tip.

A bit after the surf club I had a bit of a weird experience I wasn’t sure what to make of. There was this woman riding on a bike. She slowed down, turned sideways, smiled at me, then sped up again and kept riding. She was riding away by the time I even registered what had happened. No clue what to make of this. Need to be more alert and watchful.

At the end its amazing. There’s also this jetty adjacent to the tip. It sticks some way out. The last time I was there I saw someone at the end. Tried going there myself but was scared. That really didn’t help. The rocks were uneven and slippery. I came to a point where I knew I was likely to slip and thus stepped carefully in the case of a calculated fall. I fell. Got a bit wet and get a lot of kelp/moss on my pants. This time around I didn’t even try. The guy I talked to said when he was young he used to walk to the end of that do some fishing. The rocks were much more stable back then. He told me not to do it now as I’ll only kill myself. I don’t know whether the end of the jetty is part of the tip or an appendage but I’m not gonna be a language lawyer. The point of these is to be challenging not dangerous. I wasn’t gonna risk my life to get to the end of a bunch of rocks. I’m a walker not a traceur. Also this time around, dunno if it was there last time, I noticed a warning sign specifically for people like me that said to exercise extreme caution if walking to the end of the jetty, people have died and been severely injured.

Then came the walk back to the nearest transportation. Though the place was beautiful it was agony. As I said before I was feeling the worse for the wear. Made it to the bus stop. Not of an MTA bus but that of a small private company that operates buses that take you up to the Marine Parkway Bridge for a dollar. First I made it to a stop which I think was for the bus going the other way. Rested up a bit and made it to a stop I knew was going the right way. There I managed to rest up a bit and feel better. Still had to walk like 2 miles in addition to the 20 I already did to Breezy Point.

The buses there don’t run that often. So while I was waiting at that stop I learned some interesting stuff which explained other events. On the day of the failed attempt at Breezy Point Andrey was tired and wanted to head home. We asked locals where was the nearest public transportation and we were told by this woman either the buses or to hitchhiking. Didn’t regard it too much back then. We were then waiting at the bus stop for a while then when he rested up we wound up walking to the B35.

I was at the bus stop waiting. Saw an old man about to go on a bike ride. As he started paddling a bit before he got away I asked him how often the buses ran. Nearly scared the guy off his bike. He said he wasn’t sure but that if I stand by the road stick my thumb out someone will give me a ride. Also said there were a lot of hitchhikers in the area and that reminded me of why the woman mentioned hitching back then. Though my first hitching experience in Staten Island was literally the most amazing road trip of my life I hope it will also be my last hitchhiking experience. Sure it sounded fun. Nothing like spontaneously meeting people and taking a spontaneous roadtrip but in general I always err on the side of caution and safety. Needless to say this time I opted for the bus. Learned from the driver the buses run til 7 on weekdays and 3 on weekends which is why it turns out me and Andrey did the right thing that day. It was interesting to know. At least for me. Dunno bout you guys.

Anyway as you can see this time around the walk while pretty cool was rather uneventful. Guess some days are like that. Nothing you can do. Though I conclusively satisfied rule 1 I failed rule 2 and this is disappointing. Also need to do an expedition for week 5. Can’t lose momentum.

Hopefully I’ll have something worth writing about next time.


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