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Tumor Free Is The Way To Be

On the 22nd as planned I got the surgery. It was led by Dr. Samuel Kenan and helped by a bunch of others whose names I’ll have to get from him. Write a nice thank you letter to them once I have progress to report.

All in all it went really well and was done with a minimum of blood loss. Once the incision was made the bastard almost came out on its own. Only real problems were I didn’t mix too well with the anesthesia but no harm done and I’m not gonna go into that. The wrappings around my leg are really itchy, squeezy, and mess with my kneecap in a bad way. If it wasn’t for what they did to my kneecap I’d be able to walk quite decently. However now I have considerable trouble just getting to the bathroom or whatever because of that. Sad. Of all the days I write this it’s the 26th of September and the 2 year anniversary of the Epic Saunter the longest expedition I did whose distance I know. A whopping 48.something miles. What have I decayed to? No matter as soon as I recover I get right back to kicking ass.

me at home
me at home

September 30th update:

Took the wrappings off very late Tuesday into Wednesday. Such relief. My leg is rather swollen but still wound seems to have healed well ans the wrappings aren’t destroying my kneecap and joint anymore. Soon I will be right as rain. On Wednesday I even managed to get a pair of pants on completely on my own. Sadly had to resort back to my mom’s robes again as swelling made putting anything else on by myself quite impossible. Asking for help when not absolutely necessary is humiliating and thus I’d rather essentially be wearing a dress that I can get on by myself rather than normal clothes that require the assistance of my parents and not to mention is still quite painful due to the effects of the wrappings not completely subsiding. Working on getting back the flexibility in my leg to get back to full normality but till the swelling subsides there’s only so much I can do. I can bend my leg as much as 60 degrees under some circumstances(have to be sitting, can’t standing up, the pain has this way of making my hamstring ignore my brain’s command to contract). More work to do.

scarred and swollen

scarred and swollen

Things seem to be moving along well. Hope to continue to a full and correct recovery.


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