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The Beast Of The East Has Done It Again

I just recently found out and feel compelled to tell you that Yuuji Urushihara has achieved Kanzenseiha(total victory) at Sasuke 27.

Now for those of you who don’t know Sasuke is a sport so psychotically badass it makes The Olympic Games look about as athletic as sitting on the couch and eating a bag of potato chips. Again if you don’t already know about it look it up now. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone fall out of the salmon ladder. It is the hardest obstacle course ever created. Again that shit is so psychotically hardcore that Olympians got their asses handed to them. Paul Hamm gold medal Gymnast. His twin Morgan Hamm got the silver medal. Paul Terek hardass decathlete. Henry Cejudo got a gold medal in wresting. Jordan Jovtchev bronze medal in Gymnastics. Yoshiyuki Okuyama Olympic sprinter for Japan. Who else did I miss?

Up till now out of 2600 attempts three complete badasses have succeeded:

  1. First was Kazuhiko Akiyama who won Sasuke 4. Though Sasuke has evolved and become more difficult we can in no way knock his accomplishment. Especially due to the fact that he had failing vision and was like half blind when he did it. A forgotten hero. I tip my hat to him for doing what he could with what he had. I hope others will learn from him and do the same.
  2. Next up is Makoto Nagano the most badass fisherman alive. Trains on his boat which in many ways is more of a gym than your local Bally’s. He won Sasuke 17 much harder than Sasuke 4. Also is a dropout. Quit school after 8th grade became a fisherman like his dad. For some of you that may not sound too impressive but he certainly seems to be doing well by it. DROPOUT POWER!
  3. Standing in at a whopping 5 foot 2, weighing in at a killer 126 pounds, and with a voice so high pitched that you could mistake him for a woman over the phone please welcome Yuuji Urushihara. Unlike Akiyama and Nagano you don’t see bulging muscles . You see a skinny guy that doesn’t look all to much more developed than me. Yet this is who beat Sasuke 24 the hardest incarnation yet. Behind that unimposing exterior lies obscene strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Upon beating Sasuke 24 Urushihara clearly demonstrated he was the fittest man alive.

And now at Sasuke 27 he’s done it all again and more as after each victory the course becomes drastically harder. I can only speculate what obstacles it is they’ll add. My personal guess is that the salmon ladder will be moved to stage 1 and that one of the obstacles in stage 2 will involve breaking out of police regulation handcuffs 10 times to really wear those arms out or something of the like. What will be in stages 3 and 4 I can only speculate.

Win Sasuke once and you’re a legend. Win it twice you’re in the all time badass hall of fame. Your name will never be forgotten. Congratulations yet again to Yuuji Urushihara wherever he is.

Here’s a link to a rather crappy vid of him doing stages 3 and 4. Also to keep things in perspective keep in mind he’s tired as hell after the first 2 stages and yet look how he does: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nuqh3P4oVk


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