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Gems Under My Nose

Earlier today I took an evening walk, one of my usual haunts, a loop a little over two miles long.

Later today for no particular reason I was mucking around on the Debian site and stumbled upon a page there, a directory of vendors who sell computers with Debian preinstalled. As you can see not that many such stores in the whole US. Granted there may be more that Debian is unaware of but still very few Linux vendors out there.

Now as I’m scrolling this list what do I see. One of the stores is along the route that I’ve taken earlier today and many times before. I didn’t even notice. Granted on Gravesend Neck most if not all of the stores/businesses there are holes in the wall that you don’t pay too much mind too. If you asked me to tell you what stores there were the first thing that comes to mind is a tattoo parlor because it’s one of the few places there that actually stands out.

I usually observe my environment quite well and am aware of it. I’m just amazed I missed that place. Or perhaps the page is out of date and thats why I haven’t seen it. Yet another possibility is that I’ve seen it before and it’s no longer there. Next time I’m in the area I’ll find out definitively.

The point is there are a lot of gems under your nose. It makes you wonder what other cool things  in plain sight you missed.

Once a while back I was given by a friend an article in the times about a New York Times reporter Andy Newman who walked 75.4 laps a marathon distance around his block. He thought it’d be a fun challenge which would help him get to know his block and his neighborhood better. I thought it was an intriguing idea but somehow I wasn’t too keen on it because I thought I knew my block and neighborhood well. Still I kept it in the back of my mind. Perhaps I should do something like this sometime when I am sufficiently recovered…



Speaking of my recovery I’m coming along quite nicely. A couple of days ago I walked three miles. I can now bend my leg 135 degrees when stretching with the help of a beg or a chair and to like 100 degrees just standing up and trying to move my leg as far as I can at will. The swelling has gone down considerably but not completely. It should take another two weeks for that. The recovery process seems to be going smoothly. Joints do feel a bit painy but then on the other hand with me when aren’t they? I can almost climb the stairs normally again. In a couple of days I’ll test myself by walking all 4.5 miles of Shore Road Park. I think I can do it sucessfully. Haven’t done it in a while so I miss that walk. Really awesome highly reccomended btw.

And in a few weeks back to kicking ass on the coast to coast scale.


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