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Here’s To The Impossible Yet Again, My Next Great Action, And Further News

Today I got sentimental and was thinking about the Great Saunter which I walked last year where I was a top 10 finisher out of about 1000 people. For some reason I decided to google(shame on me, but then I use DuckDuckGo most of the time so I can’t feel too guilty) Michael Pellagatti the dude that finished alongside me. Saw that he was also an Occupier and am trying to get back in touch via nycga.net and catch up.

The next thing I know I find myself on my fake facebook account which I today use on a rare occasion to gather intelligence and keep up with what other people are doing. After looking at Michael’s profile a bit I find myself randomly surfing Facebook. The next thing I know I’m randomly looking at David Campbell’s profile. By the way the David Campbell to which I here refer is the one of Sasuke/Ninja Warrior Fame. He is beyond badass.

Anyway what do I see? I see him publicly admit to watching iCarly again.

I can see the reactions on your faces now. David Campbell? The badass? iCarly? And what do you mean again?

To answer your questions let me backtrack a bit to late March 2010. That was back before I left facebook over freedom of speech issues(privacy issues also, but I guess but that’s not as big a deal namely because I think twice before posting to the internet). Anyway having been as much a fan of Sasuke then as I am now I was looking at you guessed it David Campbell’s profile. And what do I see? Something that nearly makes me fall out of my chair:

Click the photo to see it in full size. Seeing is as they say believing. Also take a moment to revel in the beauty of Linux Mint 8 arguably the greatest operating system ever created except for maybe Debian. RIP Linux Mint 8. RIP GNOME 2. You will be sorely missed. Also take a look at how I tweaked my desktop and just how flexible GNOME 2 was. Sadly GNOME 3 while good once you get what they’re trying to do with it is not quite my thing and sucks for other reasons I won’t go into. Mint’s main line went bad after 8 because it kept on following Ubuntu which turned it’s back on the principles that made it great by vainly trying to imitate the Mac, putting features ahead of stability, freezing on my machine, and assuming that everyone uses a touch screen.

Also what do you guys think of how I pimped my desktop? Looking back it’s quite amazing how cluttered my old desktop was and yet in spite of it quite elegant. Nowadays instead of having just about every widget you care to name I now have very minimalistic style after being deeply inspired/influenced by CrunchBang 10. No longer do I click on the hundreds of icons you see. Keybindings baby! So fast and efficient <3. So much so that I almost never touch the trackpad these days let alone use a USB mouse like I used to at the time…

Anyway getting back to the point. If anyone before that came up to me and told me that David Campbell would publicly admit to watching iCarly I’d have told them I’d cut my arm off if that happens. When I see this I just have a profound HOLY SHIT moment. Like never in my life would I have thought I would see that. It showed me that even the most unlikely things can come to pass and that anything is possible. My other thoughts on the matter I will communicate with this screenshot I took sometime later of how that particular thread of conversation continued and ended:

Again click on the picture to see in full resolution.

It deeply inspired me on so many levels and gave me something to laugh about for ages to come. One of my top 3 moments of 2010.

And yes to those of you still in disbelief those screenshots are genuine. I don’t watch iCarly anymore these days because I feel the show has largely ran out of ideas. The only recent exception to this is iStillPsycho which was actually quite good and the only iCarly episode I’ve watched in like a year(seriously you people have got to love how Gibby was still stuck in the chimney at the end). Nonetheless I watched it at the time and yes I was at the age of 18 and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Anyway fast forward to now. What do I see? That’s right he says it again:

Again people look and see for yourselves. This time the top of the screenshot has been cropped out first and foremost to keep my fake Facebook identity hidden so that I can’t be specifically blocked by anyone and continue using it as an intelligence tool. Also a comment someone made in the thread above has adult content not relevant to this that I censored out.

Ah those were the days. They almost(but not quite) make me miss facebook. Those two screenshots are the only relics of it I have. But then considering what it does to both free speech and privacy… Good bye and good riddance. My only presence on it now is the fake account I set up for intelligence gathering. Even then I don’t use it often as I feel sleazy for having anything to do with it whatsoever because it almost feels like I’m going back on my principles. Contrary to what you may think I don’t feel that guilty for using it in an intelligence capacity because nobody forced anyone to post anything I may find out from there. If people voluntarily let loose all this juicy information about themselves far be it from me to deny them. The issue at hand is more of I may possibly be going back on my principles for convenience in the activity of intelligence gathering which is otherwise a normal human desire.

Anyway that instance of the impossible is just the dose of inspiration I need to do something impossible. That and the fact that Patrick Falterman started following this blog. I am simply beyond flattered.

Patrick Falterman for those of you who don’t know is more badass than badassery itself. This guy is arguably the hitchhiker of hitchhikers. At the age of 19 he got fed up with the University+two dull jobs all for who knows what. He wanted out. So what does he do he goes on one of the most epic hitchhiking journeys ever undertaken. Before he turned 20 this guy has illegally crossed several borders standing up for human rights everywhere, and hitched the Darien Gap which is a tough nut to crack by anyones accounts. This other time he got caught by some Bolivian anti-narcotics forces trying to illegally swim across a river into Brazil. He had to flee to Peru to avoid deportation back here. He helped victims of the earthquake in Chile. He nearly died of thirst in the Atacama desert. He hit Tierra Del Fuego. So much other stuff I won’t even get into partly because I haven’t read it properly yet myself. I’ve actually been working on reading it chronologically. He found me via one of my comments on there. He also writes long blog posts much like myself. Some things you just can’t cram into a sentence. He is currently attempting to raft down the Amazon river. The only thing that would be more impressive in that regard was done by Martin Strel who SWAM the whole damn thing. Check out his story. You’ll be glad you did. The guy is only 21 years of age. 1.25 years older than me. Yet his deeds will be sung about for decades to come. Also unlike me he’s brave. He literally does everything in the most dangerous way he can get away with. A daredevil among daredevils, something I’ll never be.

Anyway he commented on the About page and advised me to do the Albany expedition instead of the smaller ones and take several shots at it if I fail the first few times. He’s right. You learn better by biting off more than you can chew than taking many little piss-ant bites leading who knows where. I need to take on a hard challenge again and see what I’m made of if I have any sort of hope of doing this.

Thus this Thursday when I have the opportunity to actually possibly get away for a few days I just may try it. I’m REALLY tempted to do this. I read that Broadway goes all the way up to Albany. It’s not exactly true but with a bit of modifications I was able to plot out a route.

That or perhaps something more realistic like walking to Staten Island’s southern tip and back which is still a little over 100 miles as opposed to like 300. I still haven’t even passed the camp test yet and frankly going north in the winter isn’t the brightest idea. Furthermore in case of anything I can retreat back home with relative ease(not too much mind you SI is rather isolated, NJ is better but I don’t know by how much). Using actual transportation makes the distance the Staten Island’s southern tip much less than 50 miles.

Even the walk to Staten Island’s southern tip will be biting off more than I can chew so what Patrick says still applies.

It’s high fucking time to go out there and do something impossible. Take Jason, one of the Occupiers that walked from NYC to DC, he said a lot of the marchers were way under prepared and yet they still somehow made it. I managed to get to talk to him btw. Very interesting conversation but words can only go so far. Time to act. He mentioned also that he may donate my some equipment…

Also on Saturday February 18 another group of Occupiers will set out for a coast to coast walk. They will walk to NYC and then to DC. Again words cannot describe the respect I have for fellow walktivists. They may not be rich. They may not be well prepared but they are doing amazing and necessary things and they will get help from many supporters. I need to follow suit as well. Hopefully this will bottstrap me into people’s radar.

I also recently got my new glasses. They’re progressive lenses. I was told people usually get them after 40 or so. If I continue this trend of wasting away at my computer I’ll be walking around with a guide dog soon. Just give it 10 years. I will not use the better vision I now have to sink my eyes. I want to see the world and I will use them for precisely this. Period.

On Thursday nothing short of breaking my leg will stop me from setting out and doing this. I don’t how I’ll do this given that I don’t exactly have the resources I need or deserve.

But rest assured there is hope of pulling this off. Less likely things have come to pass. We do after all live in a world where David Campbell has publicly admitted to watching iCarly.


3 responses to “Here’s To The Impossible Yet Again, My Next Great Action, And Further News

  1. MN March 4, 2012 at 1:46 am

    GOOD LUCK man, take it in strides. Thanks for the shout out and remember, if you never give up you’ll eventually succeed!


    • Georgiy March 5, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      Hey man. Your welcome. Perhaps you can even do the same for me so more people know my story.

      Also I’m sad to disappoint you when I say this but I failed at the Staten Island’s southern tip and back walk. Details coming soon in a blog post. I did however push social boundries and came out an assload more confident than I was prior.

      I will try again. And I hope you’re right man. I’ve been attacking the multiday barrier with more agression than Gaddafi when he bombed his people during last years Libyan war. I want to do the big walk like I want nothing else in this life.

      My life depends on me pulling off the coast to coaster. Failure is not an option.

      Anyway man I hope you’ve been well and kicking ass out there. I’ll get back to reading through your blog posts soon. Just took a break for a while because the sheer badassery of expeditions such as yours makes me want to cry that I’m not out there doing it. Following the deeds of badasses is an exhilarating but emotionally painful process.

      For example like I really felt that when following Nate Damm’s coast to coast walk. See natewalksamerica.com for more info. Just like seeing where he was on the map, seeing him cross state brorders,… When he crossed timezones it really hit me.

      Probably what hit me the most was when he crossed into California. It was on Sept 23 the day I got back from the hospital after getting the hemangioma in the bottom back of my left quad removed. Like that hit me like a truck in a way I just can’t describe.

      Anyway bro keep kicking ass, just please be safe, and remember 21 is too young to go. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. BaschaW July 9, 2013 at 2:52 am

    Did you ever get your 100 mile walk about done?

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